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Nick Selby is an American technologist, law enforcement officer and author. Mr Selby has been a sworn-police officer since 2010, and he is also a cyber-security breach expert. Selby is the lead author of In Context: Understanding Police Killings of Unarmed Civilians (2016, Contextual Press/Calibre Press). In 2012, Selby co-founded StreetCred Software, Inc.[13], which provides technology to law enforcement agencies. He is a frequent contributor of articles and opinion pieces to many major newspapers, is a frequent public speaker on police technology, and appears as a law enforcement expert commentator on radio and television.



Dave Marcus currently serves as Director and Chief Architect of Threat Research and Intelligence for Intel Security’s Advanced Programs Group. His focus includes advanced research and threat intelligence projects such as Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) analysis, financial fraud malware as well as adversarial research and quantification. In his spare time he rides his Harley, is an avid powerlifter, metalhead and family man. He also enjoys gaming and is a hacker of things.