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Dave Marcus currently serves as Director and Chief Architect of Threat Research and Intelligence for Intel Security’s Advanced Programs Group. His focus includes advanced research and threat intelligence projects such as Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) analysis, financial fraud malware as well as adversarial research and quantification. In his spare time he rides his Harley, is an avid powerlifter, metalhead and family man. He also enjoys gaming and is a hacker of things.




Hanan “Richter” Yadin is the founder of ISI, LLC, a full security service, tactical training and counter-terror consulting company established in 1999. ISI focuses on innovative training that helps US armed forces in their overseas deployment missions and police officers boost their shooting and tactical skill sets based on the Israeli experience. Hanan is a former Israeli government employee and received advanced training at the Israeli Anti-Terror Academy and served as an instructor at the Israeli Military Intelligence Academy. ISI Training Center’s mission is to set unmatched new standards of excellence in the counter-terrorism and tactical training industries.

In the wake of the last wave of international terrorism and Active Shooter incidents, the general public has become the prime target for these kinds of attacks, especially large populated buildings and outdoor gatherings since they are considered “soft targets”.


Active Shooters and terrorists do not play by the rules. In today’s reality, anyone can find themselves facing unexpected hostile conditions at home, streets, malls, in the workplace or while traveling.

– Mapping the incidents
– School shooting incidents domestic and international
– Facts and statistics
– The principle of security rings
– Identifying suspicious object, person, vehicle
– Characteristics of Active Shooter
– Profile of the attackers and their objectives
– Active Shooter / Terrorist attacks – Differences and Similarities
– What to do in an Active Shooter situation?
– What is First Responder?
– The role of First Responder
– Basic firearms familiarization