Cybersecurity suffers from too many siloes. Even though spending on solutions grew to almost $100B last year, the incidence of breaches and the impact to organizations increased to record levels. At best, traditional methods are only creating a thin illusion of protection – and companies are unable to keep up with the sophistication and speed of hackers as a result. SecureAuth addresses the missing link – continuous identity security – by creating intelligent intersections between security and identity. We help leading companies, their employees, their customers and their partners eliminate identity-related breaches. As a leader in access management, identity governance, and penetration testing, SecureAuth is powering an identity security revolution by ensuring the continuous assessment of risk and enablement of trust. Our highly flexible Identity Security Automation (ISA) Platform enabling people and devices to intelligently and adaptively access systems and data, while effectively keeping bad actors from doing harm. We make it easier for organizations to prevent the misuse of credentials and exponentially reduce the enterprise threat surface.
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