HOU.SEC.CON 7.0 – Training Classes (March 22)


Training day for THE Houston area security conference, HOU.SEC.CON 7.0 (March 22, 2017) at Hotel Derek. PLEASE NOTE: Training class tickets do NOT include admission to the conference on March 23. Training courses are $400 for each class.

Hotel Derek
2525 West Loop South Freeway
Houston, TX 77027

Wed, March 22, 2017
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM CDT

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Windows IR and Logging

Instructor: Michael Gough

Description: Evaluating a Windows based system during an event or incident can be a challenge, many do not know where to begin. An introduction of the basic concepts of Incident Response, and for Windows based systems will be covered. This course will also focus on using LOG-MD, a Windows logging, malware discovery and forensic tool used to investigate a suspect system.

This course will walk through auditing a Windows system and evaluate the report of settings that will need to be configured from a log and audit perspective. Once logging and auditing is properly configured, we will look at what LOG-MD can discover and report from a Logging perspective.

In addition attendees will learn how to use LOG-MD to do full file system hashing and registry snapshots. A full review of the features of LOG-MD and how they canbe used for Incident Response and why will be covered.

Once the features of LOG-MD are understood, we will walk through how to use and apply LOG-MD, baseline and whitelist known and trusted items to help reduce the noise to find the bad.

A demonstration of a typical event using real malware will be shown and LOG-MD applied in a table top Incident Response exercise. All attendees will receive a copy of LOG-MD Professional as a part of the class and to use back at their jobs.

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Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity – Red-Team/Blue-Team Bootcamp

Instructors: Clint Bodungen & Tony Gore

See through the eyes of the hackerÖ defend like a pro. This class will introduce students to the same kinds of cyber-attacks that bad guys are currently deploying on industrial control systems, and how to defend against them, in an immersive, hands-on training environment. Students will get hands-on experience with industrial controllers (PLCs), attack tools and techniques, as well as defense tools and techniques. The class is taught in a Red-Team/Blue-Team format, where students take turns attacking and defending industrial infrastructure, which is presented in a combination of physical, real-world devices and an immersive, 3D virtual-reality world.

This curriculum is derived from courses being taught at MIT, and is developed by well-known ICS industry professionals Clint Bodungen (Author of ìHacking Exposed: ICSî), Tony Gore (CEO of Red Trident Security), and Joel Langill (SCADAHacker).

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